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​Leo Preschool is a premier preschool in Leo, Indiana.  We are committed to providing an early childhood education program that assists children's development physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.​

At Leo Preschool, we believe each child is unique and special.  We welcome all of our students and their parents with enthusiasm and great expectations for a fantastic time at preschool.  We understand that each child will progress at their own rate.  Leo Preschool's staff strives to make school a positive experience for our students to foster a love of learning.

Leo Preschool's curriculum is academic and will prepare students for kindergarten according to Indiana and local standards.  We believe in following a developmentally appropriate curriculum with activities that are primarily hands-on.  All preschool activities, including play, will develop learning skills.

Leo Preschool focuses on development in the following areas:

Physical - Large and small motor skills are developed through classroom, playground, gym, music and art room activities.

Emotional - Students learn appropriate ways to express emotions and learn to control their behaviors.

Social - Children will develop skills for interacting with peers and adults.  They will learn to care for others and to share.  Students will also learn about accepting and respecting authority.

Spiritual - The children will learn how special it feels to be loved by God and to love each other.  We stress religious views of holidays.  There are monthly Bible verses and a Chapel time once a month.

Language Skills - Listening and speaking skills are developed in the students, as are attention spans.

Leo Preschool in Leo, Indiana makes every effort to keep communication open between parents and staff.  Parental involvement is encouraged and appreciated.  Thus, we hope you will feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns you may have during the year.

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