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Specialty Classes

Music Class is Fun!!!!!

Music Class using bells at Leo United Methodist Preschool in Leo, Indiana
​Music Class

Music Classes are offered weekly to all students enrolled at Leo Preschool in Leo, Indiana.  Students learn memorization and rythym skills while being familiarized with musical concepts and fun melodies.  Students perform for parents in programs twice per year.

​Motor Skills Class

Motor Skills Classes are offered weekly to all students at Leo Preschool.  It promotes the development of large motor skills including running, jumping and catching.  The students also practice good sportsmanship skills through activities in motor skills class.

​Story Time

A guest story reader visits all classes at Leo Preschool.  Our guest story readers share their love of reading with the students.  The children have the opportunity to listen to a variety of readers. They are encouraged to ask questions at the end of story time​ to practice investigative skills and learn about the world around them.


Students visit the library each week to check out a book.  They are encourged to read their book with their parents.  This helps foster a love of reading and helps students learn to care for things that belong to others.

Chapel Time

We meet once a month with all preschool classes sharing Bible stories and singing songs in the sanctuary.  We provide a non-denominational Christian setting and stress the Christian perspective rather than the commercial views of Christmas and Easter.

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