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Our Staff

 Leo Preschool is proud of its staff members.  The staff is dedicated to early childhood education and the well-being of our students.  Our staff teaches preschool because they really enjoy and care about young children. The staff views children as capable indpendent individuals who will thrive when given ample opportunities to investigate and make decisions while following their curiosity and sense of wonder.

Leo Preschool's staff is well-trained in Early Childhood Education.  They hold preschool teaching certificates, Associate Teaching Degrees, Bachelors of Education and Masters of Education degrees.  Reading articles and books, in-service trainings and workshops/seminars on early childhood development & education ensure the staff at Leo Preschool keeps up with developments in the field of early childhood education.  The one thing our staff has in common is their love of young children and their desire to teach.

Leo Preschool's  director Lisa Wietlisbach attended Ball State University where she majored in Elementary Education.  Before becoming the director, Mrs. Wietlisbach taught in the elementary setting for several years and then 18 years in early childhood education.  After leaving the classroom Mrs. Wietlisbach spent three years as the director of The Children's Nursery School at Peace United Church of Christ.  Mrs. Wietlisbach is passionate for quality early childhood education in a play-based setting.

At Leo Preschool in Leo, Indiana, we feel that teachers and parents are partners in education.  We encourage parent involvement in many ways.  There are several parent programs throughout the year and many options to volunteer.


Lisa Wietlisbach



Kelly Hand

Admin. Assistant


Kirin Kennedy

Kindergarten Prep Teacher


Kim Guntle

PreK Teacher


Rhonda Huebner

PreK Teacher


Lori Shindle​

K-Prep Teacher


Jessica Simmons

PreK Teacher


Beth VanHall

Pre-K  Teacher 

Melissa Smith
Early Learners


Lynne Brown

Early Learners Teacher


Amber Hodges

Early Learners


20200902_072000 (3).jpg

Alyssa Moord

Beginners Teacher 

Jennifer Racine

Beginners Teacher Assistant

WIN_20180323_01_00_04_Pro (2).jpg

Koleen Schlatter

Music Teacher


Michelle Adams

Gym Teacher

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